Keep Full Agreement

  • The keep full program is an agreement between Pirate Propane, Inc and our customer that Pirate Propane, Inc will fill the tank at Pirate Propane, Inc’s convenience. We will check the tank once a month, and fill the tank, so long as it takes at least 100 gallons of propane. If the quantity is not quite 100 gallons, then we will not fill and check again the following month. We will scale back deliveries in the months of March, April, and May so that our customer can take advantage of the summer fill price, while not risking the chance to run out. Customers can expect a larger quantity delivered at the discounted summer fill price. The summer fill price has typically been the cheapest time of year to fill your tank. However, prices can change to due to many factors beyond our control.

    Customers must make an effort to keep driveways plowed, keep the tank accessible at all times, remove any items that could cause difficult delivery, and mark locations on the property to prevent the driver from running over unseen items (i.e. Septic or others). Customer must keep their account in good standing or keep full status will halt.

    Please list all service addresses and tank information that you would like to be on the keep full program. If you agree with the above terms, please sign.

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